Are you visiting Brynów (district of Katowice, neighborhood of “Wujek” Mine) and have some time? Do you want to learn more about the defense of the “Wujek” mine during martial law in 1981? Do you want to pay tribute to the fallen miners and express your gratitude to the living? Download our mPamięć (mMemory) mobile app!

The application is a guide to places around the “Wujek” Mine, which are related to the pacification of the plant in 1981.

Zrzut ekranu aplikacji - mapa dzielnicy

There is also a game mode for younger users – they will discover important places of memory thanks to hints and tips.

Zrzut ekranu z aplikacji - ekran wyboru trybu


The program is IN ENGLISH

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The application is free. You can download it:

mPamięć application – terms of use agreement


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