Community Memorial Committee of Wujek Coal Mine Miners

In 1986, dozens of visiting participants of the celebration of the fifth anniversary of events at
the "Wujek" coal-mine were arrested. Among them in Katowice custody twenty people formed
Malopolska Committee of Commemorating Fallen Miners of "Wujek" coal-mine, whose goal,
among others, was to provide help in raising the funds for construction of the monument.


Inspired by Kraków fellows Kazimierz Switon organized in Gliwice Memorial Building Committee,
however, the Voivodship Court in Katowice, and the then Minister of the Interior - General Kiszczak
refused its registration.


On 7 October 1989, the Community Committee for Building the Memorial honouring the Miners
of Wujek Coal-Mine in Katowice Fallen on 16 December 1981 was registered and in the following
year i.e. on 28 January the first Annual General Meeting of the Memorial Building Committee took
place, which elected the Management Board with its President Kazimierz Switon. The Management
Board consisted of Barbara Czyż, Ewa Widuch, Teresa Kurcjusz-Hoffman and Kazimierz Rembilas. At
the meeting the spiritual guardian of the miners – father Henryk Bolczyk was alsopresent. Press
spokesman was elected Mr. Jan Ciszewski.


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